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Your Contact Form Is a Target for Spammers – Here’s How To Stop Them

You will agree that if you are a service provider and the owner of a service-based website, it is time to do away with the online form if you want to schedule appointments with serious potential clients.


Spammers have started completing forms just for self-promotion.

The worst aspect is that they end up in your CRM and email list. Afterward, when they start receiving your drip emails, they unsubscribe. A complete waste of time.

On the other hand, some of our clients are receiving a deluge of spam through online forms, and if you really cared about your clients and the stress, you’d feel obligated to clean up the mess caused by this spam.

In place of the contact form, you can use:

  • Scheduling software for appointments
  • Payment Gateways: to request upfront service costs

With appointment scheduling software, you can chat with potential customers and close sales. You can even connect your Calendly to Zoom, for instance, and have the customer wait for you to begin the Zoom meeting before you even join it.

Think about it!

Use appointment scheduling tools like Calendly or Acuity in place of your web forms if you don’t want to spend your sales team’s time talking to unqualified leads. Spammers will withdraw, and your sales manager will be appreciative.

Instead of pursuing marketing-qualified leads, it’s time to target and engage meeting-qualified leads.

Here are top 3 Appointment Scheduling Apps:

Using CAPTCHA is another effective approach to stop spammers from contacting you if you must continue to use standard internet forms.

Users must input a code from a warped image as part of the CAPTCHA security feature before access is granted. This stops spam bots from submitting your contact form and sending messages to your mailbox.

Another advantage of using a CAPTCHA is that it automates the process of weeding out spam submissions, which can reduce the amount of administrative labor that must be done by people to complete this duty.

Today’s world is plagued by an issue called spamming, which is getting worse. It is our sincere hope that this post has answered a frequently asked question concerning how to prevent spam from entering a contact form.

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