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An Epic Lesson in Getting New Clients From a Website Footer

Do you include your website agency’s URL in the footer of your client’s website as a web designer? Let us tell you about a pleasant backlink experience a colleague shared this week. See the story below:

A lady sent me urgent messages via email, Instagram direct messages, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger on Tuesday. She has asked me to call her to discuss a project for her company.

She recently accepted a position as Head of Marketing for a prestigious company that sells luxury kitchen and bathroom interiors. She was given a list of marketing tasks to complete before the end of the year. That explains why she kept sending urgent messages to my social media DMs.

I asked her how she found me while we were on the phone.

“I was doing competitor research on Google and your client came up first,” she explained. So I was curious as to who created the website. So I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and found your website link.”

That’s how she discovered my website, and from there she followed a link to my agency’s website, where she booked a paid marketing strategy session for N50,000.

Just a simple hyperlink I made it a habit to include a link to my own website at the bottom of every successful client’s website project. (e.g. “Designed by Lumiere“). The websites of those clients became referral links for me.

We had the marketing strategy meeting yesterday. And she has already recommended me to her bosses to help them resolve critical digital marketing bottlenecks at their company.

You already know what they say, “The best form of referral is word of mouth”

I’m still reeling from all of the referrals I received during last month’s Anniversary Sale Launch.

Start asking your clients for permission to include a link to your website if you haven’t already.

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