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4 Business Advantages of Getting a Bank Dollar Card

What’s keeping you from going to your bank and requesting a Nigeria bank dollar card to pay for your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn ads?

Here are four business advantages to getting a bank dollar card:

  • Maintain records for tax purposes.
  • It is less expensive than third-party sources.
  • Except for the yearly card maintenance fee (less than $30), there are no hidden fees.
  • You can get a reliable Hausa man to buy dollars from you and deposit them into your dollar account.

I rarely visit the bank, and I also have no issues with Facebook and Google payment.
All I have to do is ask the bureau de change “what is the dollar exchange rate for the day?”
He informs me. I transfer the naira equivalent to his account, and he pays into my dollar account at the bank. I carry on with my business.

Stop giving Facebook and Google reasons to ban your ad account and start acting responsibly!
Go to your bank and get a dollar card right away!

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